[PyKDE] performance issues

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jan 10 23:52:25 GMT 2007

Sure, I thought the size issue was more due to not wanting to deal with a 
lot of code.

run the ItemGenerator.py script in the top level directory. I've actually 
got a newer version with tooltips, but this one will do for the example, 
especially since the file in question is a lot shorter (this one also 
displays the behavior, I wrote the new stuff today).

Click the "add features" button, and a number of sets will be added to the 
lower box equal to the number in the box next to "add feature" button.

the ui/components/feature_box.py file/class has the class that holds/creates 
the sets (with the addBars() function), and the classes are defined in the 
ui/components/feature_bars.py file/class.



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> Am Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2007 02:38 schrieb Steven James Samuel Stapleton:
>> I can post runnable code easy enough, problem is I'm not sure how to make
>> the code /short/
> Provide a link?
>> Thanks,
>> -Jim
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