[PyKDE] performance issues

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jan 10 00:36:55 GMT 2007

that wouldn't explain the performance differences on the machines though.

The objects that are being created are called "FeatureBars", and each has 
the 7 TextEdits. Whenever EditBars are created, the following steps occure

1) the container of the feature bars and all feature bars is hide()den
2) each feature bar is created and added to the end of the feature bar 
2.1) The creation of each feature bar creates it's 7 children TextEdits 
during creation, each TextEdit is attached to the parent feature bar on 
creation (in the constructor arguments)
3) The new feature bars are position and sized in their parent object, this 
also sizes the feature bars
4) The container and all feature bars are show()n.

does that sound like the right flow of logic? Sorry, I'm completely new to 
Qt, and don't have a lot of GUI experience on top of that.

-Jim Stapleton

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> On Tuesday 09 January 2007 5:34 pm, Steven James Samuel Stapleton wrote:
>> Is there any reason that anyone could think of why I would be having 
>> these
>> performance issues? It's probably not a PyQt issue, but I figured that 
>> was
>> a possibility.
> Are you creating them and then putting them into a layout right away?  If 
> you
> do that, it becomes an O(n) operation, iirc.  Maybe O(n^2).  You should
> create them all first, then put them into the layout.
> Dave
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