[PyKDE] performance issues

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jan 9 23:34:03 GMT 2007

Background, I'm working on an app for a Pen&Paper RPG I'm making. Most 
gamers are *not* tech savvy surprisingly enough, so I want to end up with a 
very simple installer for those on Windows where they don't have to bother 
with a lot of program installs (Python + Qt + PyQt involves at least three 
separate with one embedded).

So I had planned to test setting up an install where all the applications 
would be compiled and setup on my system, then the installer would just ask 
the user where he or she would want to toss the applications, and it would 
toss them there. (Since my application is open source, it will be BSDed with 
a few restriction clauses struck, and I do have references to the websites 
of all the projects as well as all of the licenses, this should be ok 

Anyway, for a test, I got everything running on my main computer, next I 
installed python as normal on my test install machine, and copied over the 
site-packages directory, as well as the Qt+MinGW binaries (putting the 
binaries in the system32 directory). My machine has *no* compiler flags set.

My application has a button that creates one or more objects that are 
subclasses of QWidget, and has 7 QTextEdits inside of each. On my machine it 
takes about a quarter of a second to create 20. On the test machine it takes 
about a second for each creation. My machine is an Athlon32 2500+ with 1GB 
of memory. My test machine is a 3.0Ghz P4 with 1GB of memory. Both have 7200 
RPM drives. Both have Windows XP Pro.

Is there any reason that anyone could think of why I would be having these 
performance issues? It's probably not a PyQt issue, but I figured that was a 


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