[PyKDE] [Slightly OT] Best Linux(es) to experiment with KDE/PyKDE?

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at lichota.net
Tue Jan 9 17:24:44 GMT 2007

Rick van Hattem napisał(a):
> On Friday 05 January 2007 19:49, Kenneth McDonald wrote:
>> I'm just about to install Kubuntu on my OS X to start using PyKDE.
>> However, on Mac forums, I've seen some comments to the effect that
>> people have had difficulty with Ubuntu/Kubuntu on the Mac. If this
>> doesn't work, I'll be looking for alternative Linux variants. KDE-based
>> distros are _strongly_ preferred, as are those that require little
>> config, are reliable at installing packages, etc. etc. I decided to try
>> Kubuntu because it and Mandriva seem to be the acknowledged leaders for
>> ease of use today, and afaik, Mandriva is Gnome based.
>> Sorry for the slightly OT subject of this post, but given that the only
>> reason I want Linux is to start using pykde, it seems at lease somewhat
>> appropriate :-)
> Personally I'm a great fan of Gentoo Linux but it takes some time to install 
> and it has a pretty steap learning curve. So don't try it unless you are 
> willing to invest some time.

I would suggest Kubuntu. I have seen people have problems on Suse with
my pyQt/pyKDE app, because Suse contained old version of pyQt/pyKDE.

Kubuntu is packaging latest versions (even from CVS), because it
contains tools which use it (for example Guidance).


	Krzysztof Lichota

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