[PyKDE] Sigh, it was a nice affair while it lasted...

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Jan 8 16:40:25 GMT 2007

On Mon Jan 8 17:13:31 MET 2007, Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> David Boddie wrote:

> > It seems a shame that the closed source approach is often seen as the
> > only viable approach to commercial deployment of applications. Another
> > approach that can also be successful is the open source plus service and
> > support model, but this may not be compatible with existing business
> > models involving certain kinds of software. :-(
> This fails to acknowledge that the person in charge of choosing a
> technical solution (such as a GUI toolkit) and that in charge of
> changing the commercial strategy of the company are not the same in any
> non-trivial case.

That's why I wrote the second paragraph:

"It would be interesting to know whether you're forced to follow a
 traditional business model and find that a GPL-licensed application
 doesn't fit in with it, or whether you considered other business models
 and rejected them for other reasons."

> Qt and PyQt work because they *do* offer a dual-licensing model which
> fits any kind of business strategy.

You don't need to convince me. ;-)


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