[PyKDE] Licensing questions

Matt Newell newellm at blur.com
Mon Jan 8 04:31:24 GMT 2007

> > But the PyQt license have to mach the Qt license, GPL-GPL or
> > commercial-commercia(aka closed sopurce)l(I guess you can can use GLP
> > PyQt with commercial Qt, but then your app has to be GPL anyway, so you
> > are essensially at the GPL-GPL scenario). *1
> No, you cannot use the GPL PyQt with the commercial Qt.

I hope to not confuse the issue, but I think this isn't entirely correct.  GPL 
only covers distribution, so if you distribute an application linking to 
commercial Qt, the GPL does not allow linking GPL PyQt against it.  However, 
if there is no distribution, then it is perfectly fine.  

For example you(personal or business) are currently using GPL Qt and PyQt, 
then you decide you would like to use some of the features of ActiveQt, so 
you buy a commercial Qt license. It is still fine to use GPL PyQt.  However 
if you choose to distribute the software(whether free or for a fee), you must 
then either buy the commercial PyQt, or distribute a version that links to 
the GPL Qt and not provide the ActiveQt functionality.


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