[PyKDE] Sigh, it was a nice affair while it lasted...

Rick van Hattem Rick.van.Hattem at fawo.nl
Sun Jan 7 23:18:55 GMT 2007

On Sunday 07 January 2007 23:11, Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> After my brief flirtation with PyKDE, I'm afraid I have to say goodbye.
> It looks like a great package, but I'm afraid the viral GPL has driven
> me away. I say this not to start a flame war, but simply to let people
> know that the GPL does drive some people away (perhaps as it attracts
> others). I would love to try writing a commercial app in PyKDE
> (contributing fixes to the codebase, as well as licensing fees), but
> this is obviously not possible.
> Great code, though. I hope you continue to be successful.
> Cheers,
> Ken
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Naturally I don't know the situation here but is GPL really not an option? It 
shouldn't be much of a problem unless you use other software with it which 
has an incompatible license. Personally I also build commercial software with 
a GPL license, I've never had a single customer asking for the source yet, 
most people don't care, I build the software for them so they're not 
developers or even interested in it. And to be honest, most people I know 
think the difference in price is enough to pick the GPL variant instead of 
the normal license.

But if you are unabled to use PyKDE because of it, too bad, you could, however 
use the commercial version of PyQt with the commercial Qt release.

Rick van Hattem	Rick.van.Hattem(at)Fawo.nl
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