[PyKDE] pykde newbie--several questions

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 4 21:32:12 GMT 2007

>> 2) It appears that pykde can access the DOM inside an HTML window in a great 
>> deal of detail. Is it possible to write pykde scripts that create an HTML 
>> window, receive events from the window, and then update the DOM of the window 
>> 'live' so that the user sees their action reflected in the contents of the 
>> window? To put it more simply, is it possible to script applications that 
>> simply use the HTML DOM as the user interface?
> I don't think KHTML exposes access to the DOM if thats what you mean.
This PyKDE doc page in particular:


made me wonder if direct DOM access was possible. At the moment I don't 
have Kubuntu set up, so can't experiment.


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