[PyQt] PyQt & Win98 troubles.

Вадим Зеленин green at visoft.spb.ru
Fri Aug 31 19:04:21 BST 2007

I wrote program on python using Qt (4.3.1) and PyQt (PyQt-win-gpl-4.3-snapshot-20070813).
When I start it under Win98 on the console twice appear message
"QMutexPrivate::QMutexPrivate: Cannot create event".

Seems like 

QMutex PyQtProxy::mutex(QMutex::Recursive);

from sipQtCorecmodule.cpp is execute before initQtCore, with the result that  uninitialized QSysInfo::WindowsVersion does prevent distinguishing windows family and QMutexPrivate cannot be constructed correctly.

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