[PyQt] Cannot figure out the canvas module in the PyQt4 package

Shyamsundar, Purkayastha (Purkayastha)** CTR ** shyamsundar at alcatel-lucent.com
Mon Aug 27 11:16:00 BST 2007

Phil , Thanks for the Quick Response

I was not aware of the QGraphics package of Qt. My notion was that all
the earlier QCanvas classes have been renamed with Q3Canvas in Py4 and
was searching for it PyQt4 modules.

Going by the API docs I figured out that it has all the features
provided by QCanvas

Is it more superior that the QCanvas ?  

Thanks again


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On Monday 27 August 2007, Shyamsundar, Purkayastha (Purkayastha)** CTR
> Hi All
> I recently downloaded the PyQT4 windows binary installer and installed
> it.
> I need the QCanvas module for my development work but I was unable to
> figure it out in the module list.
> Can someone clarify wheather the canvas module is present or not.?

It's not. Use the QGraphics classes instead.

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