[PyQt] About keyPressEvent

Rob Knapp rob at bizling.com
Thu Aug 23 16:28:17 BST 2007

> What I suddenly think about is that you should try to catch some 
> signal (I can't remember the name, but do read up on what signals and 
> slots a QMainWindow/KMainWindow has) that is related to quitting the 
> application. I seem to remember there are methods which get triggered 
> at exit -- you could perhaps rewire them somehow. 

This is good advice.... however, I also have a systray application, and do not 
see the behavior the original poster is talking about.  I can hit Alt-F4 or Alt-Esc (which for me on GNOME minimzes) all day and my app stays up.  (Well, ok... not all day, but well after the last window is closed.....)

Perhaps you (the original poster) should double check and make sure that you are calling setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(False) on your QApplication instance before your call to exec_.  Sounds silly I know, but more than once I've been moving code around and missed a line or two.  
Rob Knapp
	Lead Developer

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