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I think you are missunderstanding....

I have an app, i have a systray, when i press the close button, it hide
on the systray, cause i've implemented that...
Now i want to hide the app too when i press alt+esc...not closing it.



Uğur Çetin escribió:
> 22-08-2007 01:18 Gustavo A. Dí­az:
>> I am trying to catch the keyPressEvent of alt + esc combination with:
>> def keyPressEvent(self, event):
>>              if event.key() == QtCore.Qt.Key_Escape:
>>                  self.hide()
>> And this has no effect, the app closes anyway. What i want is to hide
>> the app and not close it.
>> What i am doing wrong?
> You should use self.showMinimized() to minimize the window. See QWidget 
> documentation. Also see QApplication documentation if you want to use .hide() 
> but don't want application to close 
> (QApplication.setQuitOnLastWindowClosed()).
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