[PyQt] Some problems with styleSheets in QT4.3.1 and PyQt4.3

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That fix worked out for QT4.3.1, i didn't test it yet for QT4.3... this
will be a problem for this one?



David Boddie escribió:
> On Sunday 19 August 2007 23:56, you wrote:
>> So, with QT4.3.1 and pyqt4.3  the tabwidget uses the stackedwidget
>> background pixmap (as i clearly demostrate on the screenshots....)
>> This does not happen with qt4.3 nd pyqt4.3
> OK. The problem is that the bug which prevented QStackedWidget from being
> styled correctly was fixed in Qt 4.3.1. Previously, you had to set the
> frame style to make it work.
> Unfortunately, QTabWidget itself contains an internal QStackedWidget, and
> that is now styled as well. The trick is to make sure that this internal
> QStackedWidget has its own background. You can turn it off by adding this
> to the style sheet for each QTabWidget instance:
>   QTabWidget QStackedWidget { background: none }
> I'm told that future Qt releases will use something like this in the default
> widget style sheet, so this workaround will only be necessary for Qt 4.3.1.
> Still, it shouldn't cause any side effects if it's applied twice.
> David

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