[PyQt] pylupdate4 vs QButtonBox

Juergen Urner jUrner at arcor.de
Fri Aug 17 18:09:12 BST 2007

David wrote:
> On Fri Aug 17 12:07:39 BST 2007, Juergen Urner wrote:
> > When I do a pylupdate4 on a project, strings in
> > QButtonBox like "Help", "Ok" (...) are not gathered
> > for translation.
> The strings for standard classes like QDialogButtonBox are defined in Qt, so
> they won't be found by pylupdate4. Take a look at the translations shipped
> with Qt to find the strings for standard classes.
> David

Ah... I see. Its there in translations/qt_*.ts/QDialogButtonBox. Still 
so time to ask a naive question cos I can' t seem to find anything about
it in the docs. How would I convince my app to use, lets say qt_de.qm?

Thanks, Jürgen

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