[PyQt] Tittle on TaskBar hiden

Pierre Ducroquet pinaraf at robertlan.eu.org
Thu Aug 16 17:49:05 BST 2007

On Thursday 16 August 2007 18:31:12 Odair Augusto Trujillo wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to make the title on task bar (kicker or some other) hiden, but
> keeping show the window, I'm using QSystemTrayIcon that works fine, but I
> don't find the way for get this behavior.
> knotes is an app that have this behavior, and I want to know how this is
> possible on my app, or what class can I use.
> Thanks for the help and sorry for my english :$

You don't have to use any special class for this.
Your window is inheriting from QWidget. QWidget contains a function called 
setWindowFlags... The Qt documentation contains an example for the window 
flags, that's quite helpful. But I don't remember how to use this enum with 

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