[PyQt] Best model for a Catalog

Nahuel Defossé nahueldefosse at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Aug 8 16:20:37 BST 2007


I'm trying to build a PyQt (4.3) frontend for my CdCat catalogs. They are a 
compressed XML files, which basicaly describes some kind of filesystem like 
	<media> <!-- This could be a CD, DVD, or Network Drive -->
	<media> ... </media>

So, a catalog has a lot of "media", each media has the actual filesystem 
structure: files and folders.
The thing is, I want to represent that structure on a treeview (I'm using a 
Tree Widget, right now), and a TableView, just like CDCat. The tree view has 
the Catalog, as root, and medias as direct childs, when you open those media 
childs, the files and folders unfold. And the table view? Well, when you 
click on the catalog, the tree view show direct child, the medias. When you 
click on a Media, it shows the direct childs of that media, the files and 
folders on the top level of the CD, DVD, Net Drive, o whatever the media was.

I don't see how to model this thing on the Qt's model/view.

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