[PyQt] HelloGL example

Lieven Buts lievbuts at vub.ac.be
Wed Aug 8 16:05:57 BST 2007

In the Python version of the "opengl/hellogl" example, the
signals from the OpenGL widget to the sliders do not appear
to work on my (Ubuntu 7.04, Qt 4.3.0, SIP 4.7, PyQt 4.3) 
installation. The connections are made by code like this:

self.connect(self.glWidget, QtCore.SIGNAL("xRotationChanged"), 
             slider, QtCore.SLOT("setValue(int)"))

and the signals are emitted by

self.emit(QtCore.SIGNAL("xRotationChanged"), angle)

The C++ version of the demo works fine on the same system.

Any ideas?

Lieven Buts

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