[PyQt] PyKDE4 progress report

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Aug 8 05:04:43 BST 2007

As of a few minutes ago, I have a "working" PyKDE4 version for KDE 4 beta 1 
(3.92.0). "Working" in the sense that all the modules will load and I can run 
a simple app that puts up a window.

If anyone is interested in playing with it (it's still very rough) drop me an 
email directly (jbublitz at nwinternet.com - put PyKDE in the title so I don't 
think it's spam), and indicate either a) which classes you're going to write 
example programs for or b) which classes you're going to write test code for. 
Absent either (a) or (b), requests are likely to be ignored. If you're not 
sure, I'll be happy to suggest something. Future requests for pre-release 
tarballs, features, or assistance will depend on whether I've received 
promised example or test code.

Sorry to be a hardass, but one of the biggest problems with PyKDE3 was that it 
had insufficient example code and even less test code so that even as of a 
few days ago people are still discovering significant parts of PyKDE3 that 
just don't work. I hope to avoid that situation in the future.

I plan to do considerably more of that kind of thing, but with something like 
600 classes and 10,000 methods  and over 1 million lines of C++ code - those 
are PyKDE3's stats - it's difficult to cover even the high spots, especially 
given the fact that I don't know what a lot of PyKDE even does.

Simon Edwards (whose still on holiday, I think) will eventually be 
incorporating PyKDE4 into the KDE SVN (under kdebindings), so it should be 
available in some form in one of the later betas or early release candidates. 
This won't be available for download otherwise until the initial "official" 
release (except as noted above), after which I'll provide tarballs as in the 
past. Well ... hopefully in a more timely fashion than in the past. At any 
rate, if things work according to plan, Simon will be able to issue new 
releases with new KDE versions as well.


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