[PyQt] deriving a style in pyqt

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Fri Aug 3 10:37:38 BST 2007

On gio, 2007-08-02 at 16:53 -0700, Peter Shinners wrote:

> My goal is to basically take the 'windows' theme and make a few minor 
> cosmetic changes. Like skinner scrollbars, some padding, and a few minor 
> drawing changes.
> I can imagine that this would be performance critical enough that doing 
> styles in C++ is desirable.

Instead of deriving, you may want to *wrap* the existing style with a
another style. This is the suggested approach by Trolltech. One of the
advantages is that your customizations would work on all styles (and all

Moreover, you should look into stylesheets (which btw are implemented
exactly like a wrapper style). They might already give you what you want
without needing to write much code.
Giovanni Bajo

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