[PyKDE] [eric3]debugging Zope

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 23:54:16 GMT 2006

I would imagine you would use something like rpdb (the remote python
debugger) to debug Zope or other server-oriented scripts.

I see that there is now an rpdb2.py, which replaces rpdb - supposedly
it is 5 times faster. I haven't gotten it to work yet - I can't find
the official website or docs - it seems that
http://rpdb.digitalpeers.com/ is a 404 not found. I got a copy of
rpdb2.py from inside winpdb, but it might be missing something... I
get     raise EncryptionNotSupported exceptions even though (I think)
i'm not using encryption.

Anyone know what's up with rpdb.digitalpeers.com?

On 7/14/06, Detlev Offenbach <detlev at die-offenbachs.de> wrote:
> On Friday 14 July 2006 16:58, Timothy Reaves wrote:
> >       Has anyone put together a write-up on debugging Zope products in eric3?
> >
> >
> Not yet but I would be very very happy, if a Zope (or Plone) specialist could
> help out in this area.
> Detlev
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