[PyKDE] QtDBus Support in PyQt

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Fri Oct 27 18:51:35 BST 2006

After working on this for a little while I've decided that I will not support 
QtDBus in PyQt. Reasons are...

- A standard set DBus Python bindings already exist. These are still in active 
development but the current maintainer seems to be doing a good job, both in 
terms of backwards compatibility and ensuring they are Pythonic.

- QtDBus is more difficult to wrap than the rest of Qt because of it's use of 
templates and its own type system. Not impossible to wrap - but there would 
be a list of "things to be aware of" and "differences between Qt and PyQt".

- The extra work required would delay the release of PyQt v4.1.

- As QtDBus is new to most people there isn't a large body of C++ experience 
and code that could be ported to Python.

I'm happy to reconsider this in the unlikely event that the standard Python 
bindings prove inadequate.


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