[PyKDE] Some questions

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Oct 26 09:12:44 BST 2006

On 25.10.06 20:46:13, Reza Salari wrote:
> 1- I use Qt Designer for my ui files and after using pyuic it creates PyQt classes. Fairly simple.  I know designer3 has some kde widgets but it seems that designer4 does`t have plugins for kde widgets. Am I right? If so, how can I use designer4 for visual creation of kde widgets (for example a KPart container)?

That is impossible. If you use designer4  and therefor PyQt4 you can't
use KDE widgets because there are no Qt4 based KDE widgets yet (well
actually there are in C++ world, but not in Python world). KDE4 is far
from the first release and thus the same applies to PyKDE. 

> 3- Another thing that I want to embed is a konsole. It seems that it sould be simple to embed konsole from KParts but there is not an example (I know there is a KHTM example). There are so many questions about implementing a konsole in PyKDE in the net but all with no success in getting a reply. Does any one decide to write a sample code? I really need a starting point... .I know also C++ but at beginner level and can understand not heavy C++ sources. So a useful simple C++ code will be useful too; I found some,but finally confused with their cross-references. (better to be in python).

IIRC konsole in PyKDE is a problem, but as you want to use PyQt4 there's
no way anyway.


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