[PyKDE] eric4 debugger works now :)

bastian salmela basse at kulma.org
Thu Oct 26 12:39:41 BST 2006

ok, sorry to spam the list again, but i got it working (now that i knew what 
the error message was). 

for some reason i had to make couple of changes in DebugServer.py. this is 
my work computer, WindowsXP Pro (yes yes I know I know.. but this is what I 
have to use here) so these are windows specific things.. anyway.. 

first the error box, I changed the .arg(msg) syntax to something simpler. 
this prevented the crash and gave me the message. 

 self.trUtf8("Start Debugger"),
 self.trUtf8("""<p>The debugger backend could not be started.<br />"""
 """Reason: """+str(msg)+"""</p>"""),
 0, -1) 

and then i changed how two parameters were passed for pid.. so instead of 
that strange '"%s"' % variablename, i just put variablename straight. just 
like on other platforms have. 

if sys.platform == "win32":
   self.clientPID = subprocess.Popen(\
     [interpreter, debugClient,
     noencoding, str(self.serverPort()), redirect],
     env = clientEnv).pid 

anyway, just to let you know. debugger works now. 

kulma.org -- the works 

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