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Reza Salari resal81 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 04:46:13 BST 2006

First I should say some points:

  -I should say WOW! How easy and productive is programming with PyQt! I am relatively new to GUI programming (indeed I used only python command-line programs for my needs) but I knew that there was something called PyQt two weeks ago and I released my first useful GUI application one week after! Really thanks to Phil and Jim . Wow!
-I am not a real programmer, indeed I am a scientist. I need to create a visual suite for my jobs which actually is a glue application that mixes some useful  features of  about 3 different software. After finding PyQt, I thought that I could do that. 
-In my application I am going to embed two parts : a konsole; and another not-kde application (a scientific software) which is console-based and I want to embed its console.

After digging the net, I feel somehow confused. I have some basic questions that I think every one who enjoys PyQt (who mainly are people that have little programming skills; I think PyQt main advantage is for such people) may encounter:

1- I use Qt Designer for my ui files and after using pyuic it creates PyQt classes. Fairly simple.  I know designer3 has some kde widgets but it seems that designer4 does`t have plugins for kde widgets. Am I right? If so, how can I use designer4 for visual creation of kde widgets (for example a KPart container)?

2- I think Qt4 meets my needs better, because it has QX11EmbedContainer(which seems to be supported in the next stable release of PyQt, too). The problem is if I embed that scientific console to my application, can I send some commands (not only SIGNALs but also scripts) from main window to the embedded widget? Is QProcess capable to do that? or if it needs some API like solution and if that console doesn't provide an API, is there a way to solve this problem? Any comment or link for a starting point is highly appreciated. ( I don't know to search about what).

3- Another thing that I want to embed is a konsole. It seems that it sould be simple to embed konsole from KParts but there is not an example (I know there is a KHTM example). There are so many questions about implementing a konsole in PyKDE in the net but all with no success in getting a reply. Does any one decide to write a sample code? I really need a starting point... .I know also C++ but at beginner level and can understand not heavy C++ sources. So a useful simple C++ code will be useful too; I found some,but finally confused with their cross-references. (better to be in python).

I hope you will forgive a novice for his (simple-to-you) questions......... I really tried to find answers on my own, but the more surfing, the more confusion.... .

Thanks in advance.

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