[PyKDE] Make '/keyPressEvent' listening?

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Wed Oct 11 14:11:50 BST 2006

> Have a look at PyQt4 examples, there are pretty many there.
Thanks, found where debian was hiding that ...

> Ok, stop right here. Throw away all code you have. Read and understand
> the examples that come with PyQt4 and get a good book on Python/OO
> programming. You're clearly lacking OO programming skills and Qt is
> OO-only so you need them.
> This is not meant offensive, I'm just telling you you won't be able to
> resolve your problems unless you get a good idea about OOP (in Python).
I learn best by working on something I actually want to get accomplished. If the triviality of my questions offends you, feel free to blacklist me. Just remember, that you learned this too sometimes and I bet most of it was from other people and their examples. I have just the bad luck of having nobody around in person to nudge me down the right paths.

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