[PyKDE] Building new Qt4 extension with sipdistutils

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Tue Oct 10 11:00:20 BST 2006

> On Tuesday 10 October 2006 2:59 am, Phil Thompson wrote:
>> > There's a post about PyQt4 with Qt 4.2 that mentions "missing classes
>> and
>> > missing methods".  Am I understanding it correctly then that the next
>> > version
>> > of PyQt4 will have this stuff?
>> I meant the new Qt 4.2 functionality - but the Embed stuff seems fairly
>> straight forward. Can you list the extra QWidget and QApplication
>> methods
>> you need so that I don't miss anything?
> Ok, thanks.  :)  I had written "this post can be disregarded if...", which
> makes it hard to figure out if it got missed or whatever.  I must have
> been
> smoking something that day...
> Anyway, here they are:
> From QApplication:
>   virtual bool x11EventFilter ( XEvent * event )
>   int x11ProcessEvent ( XEvent * event )
> From QWidget:
>   bool QWidget::x11Event ( XEvent * event )   [virtual protected]
> Note that last one is virtual protected, you should probably stick with
> whatever your policy on protected methods is, even if it means leaving
> that
> one out.  :)  There's also a winEvent that windows users might want.
> I can actually live without those methods by using python-xlib, creating a
> thread (so it has an event loop), creating a hidden window, registering
> events with the x server and then emitting signals.  There's at least an
> even
> chance that even if these methods are included, I'm going to need the kind
> of
> control that you only get using xlib directly.  But I absolutely need the
> Qx11Embed* widgets, um, both of them.

You'll have to live without those methods as I'm not going to wrap the
XEvent structure. So long as the classes are still useful...


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