[PyKDE] modal dialog SLOT problem

Dave S eric3 at pusspaws.net
Mon Oct 9 20:20:22 BST 2006

I have aQT4  modal dialog and I need to know which of the three buttons have 
been pressed. accept() & reject() are OK for two buttons giving me 0 & 1.

For the third I googled & read and thought of ...

            justify_dialog = QtGui.QDialog(self)
            os.chdir(self.config.get('paths','dialogs'))  # Use 'os.chdir' 
else ui PNGs are lost
            uic.loadUi('justify.ui', justify_dialog)

                print justify_dialog.exec_()

So pushButton_3 would close the dialog and return a 2. Zip - if I 
skip 'justify_dialog' I get an invalid parameter in slot 3. With it I get 
zip - no errors - nothing.

I know I am on the right track because


executes test() AOK but this is not a lot of use.

Where am I going wrong ?


PS Still stuck on sys.exit() locking QT4 on XP every time ... :)

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