[PyKDE] Help with SIP

Christoph Spoerri cspoerri at cavtel.net
Mon Oct 2 02:44:04 BST 2006

Hi there,

I just signed up to the list here, since I'm trying to create a python
wrapper for an QT application. As you can imagine I'm running into
problems since I'm new to SIP and its functions.

The first question I'm having is how I need to deal with classes that
depend on each other. Let's assume I have class A which returns
instances for class B and C. Do I need to create .sip file for B and C
first (b.sip/c.sip)? Or can I just create the a.sip file?

The second questions is in regard of compiling the classes. In case I
need all three classes, what's the easiest way to compile them all at
the same time?


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