[PyKDE] [Qt4] visual appearance of plastique style on mouse over

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sat Nov 11 12:45:05 GMT 2006


while I caught the flu, I bothered with Qt4 a bit for the first time (being 
addicted to _Py_Qt3 since ages).

Building an rpm for SuSE 9.3 went pretty smooth, and playing around with 
qtdemo in the build dir was very appealing, up to the point where I 
recognized the appearance of buttons/combos and the like on mouse over for 
the first time.. Well, I may use a palette, where this is especially 
disturbing, but repainting the buttons top and bottom lines with the 
highlight color just looks butt ugly here. 

Since I still had some spare time, I looked into the source, quickly found 
the offending part, and started to play. The result is attached. Let me 
know your opinions, and let's hope, that Trolltech adds something similar 
to the next version..

BTW, compared with the rest of my KDE 3.5.5 desktop in plastik style, I also 
noted, that all but the button color wasn't imported correctly from my 

BTW2: the appearance of QProgressBars is also unfortunate, if the highlight 
color doesn't contrast strongly with the background.

Here's my palette:
Palette\active=#000000, #f8d991, #ffffff, #fbecc8, #7c6c48, #a59161, 
#000000, #ffffff, #000000, #ffffff, #ffe8ae, #000000, #ffdd76, #000000, 
#0000ff, #ff00ff, #e8e8e8
[just replace in .config/Trolltech.conf]

Kind regards,
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