[PyKDE] QlistView query

dave s eric3 at pusspaws.net
Sun Jul 30 17:53:09 BST 2006

I am trying to display a list of data, I do not need it selectable, just 
displayable as a log. I am trying to do this with QlistView.

I have the GUI working but when I try to add text I hit a problem.

self.listView1.insertItem("hi test string")

The debugged program raised the exception unhandled TypeError
"argument 1 of QListView.insertItem() has an invalid type"

I have tried various arguments including (0, "hi test string")

I have looked at the QT python bindings and it is fully implemented. I have 
looked at QT 3 ref and a bit confused - its that C stuff.

void QListView::insertItem ( QListViewItem * i ) [virtual]

Is '*' equivalent to a python ',' ?

Any help greatly appreciated


PS Is QlistView the best widget for this job ?

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