[PyKDE] Starting a PyQt application from a console daemon

Fabian Steiner lists at fabis-site.net
Mon Jul 17 06:09:44 BST 2006

Christophe Chailloleau-Leclerc wrote:
> Fabian,
> I'm not expert in Python,  but this seems a rather common system 
> programming problem.
> You must do a separate thing in a separate environment, keeping the 
> original program running, but independent of this program.
> Have a look to process creation functions (fork) - threads may not be 
> appropriate since they will also imply two Qt loops in a single true 
> process. IIRC, Qt provides abstraction layers for this, also.
> Hope this helps
> Christophe

First  of all, thank you for your reply.
A fork was also a thing I was thinking of but since I don't really know 
how to implement this I forgot about that idea. Fortunately, I have 
found the following python receipe which actually demonstrates what I 
would like to do: 

Can I use this example for my purpose or might I overlook some problems 
coming along ...


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