[PyKDE] Python-qt on Debian, more error messages

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Jul 1 11:17:57 BST 2006

On 01.07.06 11:16:48, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
> Þann Föstudagur 30. júní 2006 17:36 skrifaði Andreas Pakulat:
> > If you find that everythings Ok when building these yourself, then file
> > a bugreport against the PyQwt.
> >
>    I have to admit my stupidity. I made the python-qwt Debian packages myself 
> and I did the failure of compiling them on a computer with the nvidia 
> packages installed. I recompiled them on a computer without nvidia and now 
> the application works much better.

So part of the problem are bugs in the nvidia drivers?

>    Do you use Debian yourself?

Yes. Sid.

> And if so, do you use version 3.16-1.1?

Actually I use PyQt snapshot from 0517, as I just saw. And I'm not using
debian packages.

> On the internet I read that this may be because I wrote the threading part of 
> my program wrongly or that some part of the libraries I am using are not 
> multi threading.

Well, the only thing that might not be threaded is Qt itself, but this
is rather uncommon, because you'll get libqt3-mt with PyQt from debian.
And the same for Qwt. So if the problem really is threading, then it's
in your own program.

>    I need two threads for my program. One to handle the measurement and the 
> other to keep the GUI updated. Do you know about any good example for such a 
> program?

Install the qt-examples package and have a look at them. There are some
example that show you how to use threads, IIRC the mandelbrot example
show multithreaded GUI with a worker thread in the background and the
GUI thread.

One important thing to always remember that in Qt it is not possible to
do any GUI actions in the non-GUI thread and you also cannot connect
signals/slots between different threads. You always have to use events.


You now have Asian Flu.

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