[PyKDE] 2 Bugs in pyuic for custom widgets

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Fri Jan 27 11:27:35 GMT 2006

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Andreas Pakulat schrieb:
> Hi,
> first I thought you forgot my "fixes" for making custom widgets work.
> However you just implemented them in a better way.
> Problem is: Both "fixes" don't work anymore :-(
> The first one is trivial: I used regexp's for the substitution of "/"
> and ".h" for the header-tag. Now you did use plain string functions, but
> string.replace doesn't need "/" to be escaped. Thus the
> header.replace("\/") actually needs to be header.replace("/").
> The 2nd problem seems to be a bigger thing: The findtext method does
> _not_ return the default value when it finds an empty element. The
> problem is in ElementPath.findtext():
>     def findtext(self, element, default=None):
>         import logging
> 	logging.debug("EP: %s, %s" % (element, default))
> 	logging.debug("EP: %s" % self.tag)
>         tag = self.tag
>         if tag is None:
> 	    logging.debug("EP: tag is none")
>             nodeset = self.findall(element)
>             if not nodeset:
>                 return default
>             return nodeset[0].text or ""
>         for elem in element:
> 	    logging.debug("EP: elem: %s" % elem)
>             if elem.tag == tag:
>                 return elem.text or ""
> 	logging.debug("EP: Returning: %s" % default)
>         return default

Hi again,

if I had read the API documentation correctly, this bug would not have entered
the code. The default is only returned if the element is not found. But
<extends> is found, only that it's empty - so function is correct.

best regards


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