[PyKDE] KABC::ResourceFile oversight

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Jan 27 04:06:42 GMT 2006

I posted yesterday that resourcefile.h was missing from the kdelibs tarball - 
that isn't correct. It's been relocated to the kabc/plugins/file 
subdirectory, which I hadn't checked. 

There are other KABC::Resource subclasses (see the subdirs under 
kabc/plugins). I don't intend to add those to PyKDE unless someone has an 
application that requires them (I might have an application that requires 
KABC::ResourceFile, so I'm adding it - one of the few privileges of 
maintaining PyKDE).

When I get the versioning completed and sip has had a few days to stabilize, 
I'll put out an actual PyKDE release.


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