[PyKDE] Using old UI-files ( pyqt3 ) with PyQt4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jan 25 11:11:35 GMT 2006

On 25.01.06 10:57:23, m.gehling at gmx.de wrote:
> i try to convert old ui-files to qt4 with pyuic4, this works great. some widget 
> convertet to Q3<XXX> widgets. it seems that this package is not in pyqt4 ? Does 
> it make sense to add this package to pyqt4 ? 

Next time you probably shouldn't use reply to create a new message as
this way it might get lost (i.e. not read by the important people here).

Currently PyQt4 has no support for the Qt3Support module and thus pyuic
doesn't generate Code for Q3-Classes. Now I don't know why that is, that
question has to be answered by Phil. I can only imagine that the porting
is non-trivial and currently the focus of PyQt4 is to support new Qt4
development. Especially as PyQt3 works fine and running old code with
Qt4 just doesn't make much sense atm.


Your aim is high and to the right.

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