[PyKDE] PyKDE update

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jan 21 00:15:07 GMT 2006

A couple bugs were reported and I have those fixed. Depending on KDE 3.5.1 
being released, I'll either put out a new snapshot in the next day or two (if 
it's not out, or I can't d/l it fast enough) or within a week or so (if KDE 
3.5.1 is ready to go).

A couple of other things I forgot to mention:

1. Thanks to the people (several, I think) who attempted to do PyKDE modules 
for kabc/kresources. I seem to recall at least one of the people had a 
problem with compiling blowing up (hundreds of errors) - it turns out to be 
caused in kresources by (in C++):

		class SelectDialog : KDialog { ... };

which is the same implicitly as the explicit

		class SelectDialog : private KDialog { ... };

and should be handled in sip as simply:

		class SelectDialog { ... };

(Obviously, I know that because I made the mistake myself; there's a similar 
problem with the ResourceSelectDialog class in kabc)

The gcc error messages come from sip generating code for the base class(es) 
(if specified in the sip file) that gcc found inaccessible (because of the 
private base class).

kabc/kresources weren't too difficult to do bindings for, but were a little 
tricky, especially for a first attempt at using sip.

2. The kde-bindings versions that KDE distributes won't pick up the new 
modules, or changes like the KConfigSkeleton stuff until KDE 3.5.2 at the 
earliest. That's simply a problem with finally releasing so close to the KDE 
release date.

If some people make rpms or other packages available (there'll be an 
"official" PyKDE release as soon as I get the docs updated) from the more 
recent PyKDE versions, those should work fine, as PyKDE is pretty independent 
of sip/PyQt version (as long as it's sip 4).  Of course anything for KDE 
3.5.x requires Qt 3.3.5 and compatible PyQt.

For anyone interested, I got the pump for my tractor back today ($35 to 
rebuild it - couldn't be happier), but didn't get a chance to re-install it, 
so I've had time to reply to messages.


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