[PyKDE] Installing PyQt4 on (k)ubuntu

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 18:46:41 GMT 2006

On Friday 20 January 2006 6:15 pm, Fabio Spelta wrote:
> I am new in Qt and Python, so I have no background in compiling sip
> and all the like to get PyQt working.
> I'm wondering if there is a tutorial or a step by step guide to
> accomplish the job.
> I have installed all the ubuntu packages that could be related (her,
> that's what I hope):
> python2.4-sip-dev
> python2.4-sip-qt3
> python-sip-qt3
> python2.4-sip4-dev
> python2.4-sip4-qt3
> python-sip4-qt3
> python-sip4-dev
> python-qt-dev
> python-kde3-dev
> I compiled the snapshot of sip from source succesfully, and I also
> compiled Qt 4.1 open source edition from source.
> Nevertheless, I can't manage to compile PyQt4. Here's the error I get,
> after
> $ export QMAKESPEC="/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.0/mkspecs/linux-g++/"
> $ python configure.py
> Error: PyQt v4 requires Qt v4.1.0 or later.

Make sure the Qt 4.1.0 bin directory is on your PATH.


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