[PyKDE] Eric3: "Revert to last saved state" keyboard shortcut

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Fri Jan 20 10:41:30 GMT 2006

While there's general agreement that the Undo keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Z,
there's no agreement on the Redo one: some programs, like Eric, use Ctrl-Y,
others use Ctrl+Shift+Z, with no consistence in neither the KDE nor the
Gnome desktops.

While it's not an optimal situation, it's nonetheless a workable one. But
here comes the evilness...

...Eric3 uses the Ctrl+Shift+Z shortcut for "Revert to last saved state"!

Which means that the hapless programmer reaches for Redo, and instead loses
all unsaved changes. :-(

I propose to remove such association (I already did so locally, of course).
It's not such a frequently used command to warrant a keyboard shortcut, and
it's dangerous enough to avoid it having one often used for other purposes.


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