[PyKDE] New PyKDE snapshot - help needed

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Thu Jan 19 09:00:22 GMT 2006


is it possible to get the source tar ball earlier? 
I'm asking because today for Ubuntu is Upstream Version Freeze and I want to 
upload it asap so we can be in sync with upstream?

Oh and the example code for KConfigSkeleton, I'll send you some example code, 
when I cleaned up my small test application for this. Inlcluding a simple and 
nice documentation.


On Thursday 19 January 2006 08:01, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> I've just sent a new PyKDE snapshot (PyKDE-snapshot20060118) to Phil and it
> should be available at http://riverbankcomputing.co.uk/snapshots/PyKDE as
> soon as he has time to post it there (which is usually fairly fast,
> depending on timezone differences).
> The 2 major changes are that I've updated KConfigSkeleton (detail below) to
> handle scalars the way people have requested (more or less) and I've added
> the kabc and kresources modules, which are kdelibs support for KAddressbook
> classes.
> Help Request
> ========
> Both of the new additions were in response to requests from people on the
> list. In turn, I'd like to request some help with those additions. The
> KConfigSkeleton stuff needs both docs and a usage example program, the
> KAddressbook stuff needs at least a good example of usage. I'd really
> appreciate it if someone(s) could take some time to put some of that stuff
> together (and also checkout the additions to make sure they work correctly
> - I haven't actually tested any of this beyond compiling).
> I also need feedback on whether this snapshot builds on various systems - I
> currently am only setup to test on SuSE so none of this has been tested on
> Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu or Gentoo. I don't expect major problems.
> Next Release
> ========
> The next release will be PyKDE 3.15.0 or 3.15.1 - I've decided to sync the
> PyKDE versions with the most recent KDE version supported, but I don't want
> to go backwards to 3.5, so the 3.15.0 will have to stand for 3.5.0 until
> KDE 4.0 support is available, which will be PyKDE 4.0.
> This Snapshot
> =========
> This snapshot brings PyKDE up to full KDE 3.5.0 support - it supports all
> KDE versions from KDE 3.0.0 through 3.5.0. I've only backtested as far as
> 3.2.x. It should also support Python >= 2.3.0,  4.0.x <= sip <= a fairly
> recent snapshot (1/14?), and has been tested with gcc 3.3.1, 3.3.3 and
> 4.0.1.  As reported before, I can't get file concatenation to work with
> either PyQt or PyKDE on gcc 4.0.1 - configure.py for PyKDE will
> automatically switch to non-concatenated files for that gcc version
> (otherwise it concatenates all the individual files for each module, which
> saves about 80% of compile time).
> Since KDE 3.5.1 is just about ready to release, the actual PyKDE release
> coming up may be 3.15.1 to include that. Either way, the offical released
> version will be sometime in the next 2 weeks.
> KConfigSkeleton
> ==========
> There were problems with the way KConfigSkeleton handled scalar types in
> the addItem* methods and KConfigSkeleton::Item* class constructors. Each
> now follows the pattern shown here using bool type as an example. For each
> addItem* and Item*  there could be two methods:
> PyKDE uses : ItemBool*  addItemBool (const QString&,
>                                            bool&,
>                                            bool = 0,
>                                            const QString& = QString ::null
> );
> Patch used:   ItemBool*  addItemBool (const QString&,
>                                            bool = 0,
>                                            const QString& = QString ::null
> );
> PyKDE uses: ItemBool (const QString&,  const QString&, bool, bool = 1)
> Patch used:  ItemBool (const QString&, const QString&, bool = 1)
> In the addItemBool case, sip flagged the ambiguity between the signatures.
> In the ItemBool ctor case, sip generated code for both versions, but the
> second (original patch) version would be unreachable.
> Since part of the argument for including these is more "perfect" KDE
> compatibility, I've chosen the first (4 argument "official KDE" signature)
> version in each case. Because of the ambiguity, existing code using the
> patch won't break in the sense that it won't run - it just works
> differently. In both cases, existing code written like:
> 		x = addItem ("Name", False)
> or
>                x - ItemBool ("Group", "Name", False)
> will set the item's value but *will no longer set the item's default
> value*.
> kabc and kresource
> ============
> Both of these modules are essentially complete. kabc is missing the global
> functions in ldifconverter.h, kresource is missing the Manager class. Both
> will probably get picked up in a future release. I think the problem with
> the ldifconverter stuff is just missing header info. The Manager class is a
> fairly involved template class and I didn't want to hold up the release
> working this out. PyKDE bindings for Manager will not be general in the
> same sense a C++ template class is - they'll be tied to a concrete use,
> like kabc - other uses of Manager will require additional code in PyKDE.
> Other changes
> =========
> kjs support was dropped some time ago, and kdesu support a few snapshots
> back. I don't plan on making either of those part of the official PyKDE. I
> haven't heard any complaints.
> I've done some code cleanup and added support for a few methods probably
> nobody uses (mostly methods involving QPair as an argument or return
> value).
> Tomorrow I'll be driving through Cascade mountain passes and the Columbia
> River Gorge to Portland and back (12-14 hours altogether, longer if a lot
> of snow in the passes), and Friday I'll be putting the hydraulic pump for
> the end loader back on my tractor (I hope) - too greasy (and aching, most
> likely) to do much computing. Somewhere in there I'll probably have to make
> some money too.
> I will, however, get to any bug reports and related stuff as soon after
> that as possible.
> Jim
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