[PyKDE] Eric3: Bug and RFE

Michael Zimmermann mz-list at incunabulum.de
Mon Jan 16 19:38:13 GMT 2006

Hi Detlev,

there seems to be a tiny bug in the Projects > show > Code Metrics 
functionality. This method does not test the existance of the files 
provided by the project tree in eric3. If the file does not exist (e. g. 
deleted via svn or from the command) I do get an exception (file not 
found or so...)

Furthermore would it be possible to add support for events in the 
documentation module? Grepping through the code I found references to 
@signal, @exception(@raise, @throws) and a bunch of other.

@event might be usefull to notify that a certain class or method emits 
certain events...

Anyway, thanks for this great piece of software. Without it developing 
python would only be half as much fun :-)

tested with one of the last eric3 snapshots (december)

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