[PyKDE] Another problem with custom widgets and pyuic4

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Mon Jan 16 19:19:38 GMT 2006

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Hi Andreas,

>>From what I have understood and from what I saw, all this proxy-objects
> stuff is pretty good in writing the same thing with less code. If you
> compare your uic to the one shipped with Qt4.1 just by lines of code you
> decreased it from 15000 to 1113. Though there may be more stuff that the
> real uic does.

Yes, they do a bit more, in terms of backwards-compatibility with older uic
files, image handling etc. But it cannot just create a UI on the fly (although
the UI loader of Qt 4.1 uses the parsing code of uic).
In the very beginning (Qt3 version), I automatically generated Python code for
all needed methods, but using __getattribute__ and metaclasses saves a lot of
work - both in typing and maintaining.

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