[PyKDE] porting qtdemo example

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Jan 16 11:19:43 GMT 2006

On 16.01.06 10:08:03, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On Sunday 15 January 2006 12:24 am, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> I think it's best if we keep everything relative to the qtdemo directory, then 
> it doesn't matter where they reside - so long as they are kept together.
> Let's say there will be a "Examples and Demos" directory (specific name is 
> unimportant) containing the current examples directory, a possible future 
> demos directory and a qtdemo directory. You can assume that the qtdemo 
> directory will be current when qtdemo is executed (or there might be a sanity 
> check you can do and display an error message if this isn't the case).
> Therefore the "location" of the foo/bar example will be ../examples/foo/bar.

So you're not going to put qtdemo example into examples/tools/qtdemo,
as it is in Qt4? 

> I've followed a very strict convention which will allow you to do the 
> following to find the main Python file. For an example "foo/bar"...
>     if ../examples/foo/bar.py exists
>         cd ../examples/foo
>         run bar.py
>     else if ../examples/foo/bar/bar.py exists
>         cd ../examples/foo/bar
>         run bar.py
>     else
>         missing example

Ok, thanks that helps. 

BTW: It seems I'm not working on this alone David Boodie, the original
author of the Qt4 example talked to me in private and will help out a
bit with the current problems.


Tomorrow, you can be anywhere.

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