[PyKDE] Ptr problem in PyKDE builds

Ismail Donmez ismail at uludag.org.tr
Mon Jan 9 11:15:09 GMT 2006

Pazartesi 9 Ocak 2006 10:42 tarihinde, Jim Bublitz şunları yazmıştı: 
> Actually, I lied when I said in another response that it was too late to
> solve the 'Ptr undefined' problem in PyKDE. It appears that recent sip
> versions are catching an error they missed before.
> The required fix is to change sip/kmountpoint.sip, line 37 from:
> typedef QValueList<Ptr> List;
> to:
> typedef QValueList<KMountPoint::Ptr> List;
> There are some remaining problems in building with KDE versions greater
> than KDE 3.4.0 and possibly some other versions related to what files are
> selected for a specific build (it varies by KDE version). I'm still sorting
> those out, and will make a snapshot available in the next day or two.
> I'd wait for the new snapshot if you've had problems building.

Thanks Jim. I will be waiting for new snapshot and test it as soon as its out.


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