[PyKDE] Problem with QGLPixelBuffer

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Fri Jan 6 23:06:10 GMT 2006


I am not able to create QGLPixelBuffer objects at all on my X11 system at the 
moment (using snapshot20060105). All I get is this qt warning:

	>>> pb = QtOpenGL.QGLPixelBuffer(QtCore.QSize(100, 100))
	QGLPixelBuffer: Unable to find a context/format match - giving up.

This is for the opengl/pbuffers example, where a new QGLFormat object is 
passed as the second argument - but this still gets the same results as in 
the python session above. Don't know enough about opengl to say whether this 
is a bug, or if I need to do something else to get it to work, though.

Baz Walter

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