[PyKDE] eric and PyQt4

andreas at roedl.ch andreas at roedl.ch
Fri Jan 6 01:26:46 GMT 2006


I'm trying to get eric3 and PyQt4 running on my little Gentoo box. eric3 is actually running fine, but as soon as I install the latest sip snapshot, I get the following error, when I start eric3:

  Fatal Python error: sip: Failed to add _C_API object to module dictionary

If I install an older version (4.2.1) of sip, eric3 works, but of course not PyQt4.

So, basically I need two sip installs, one older version for eric3 and the bleeding edge snapshot for PyQt4. Any idea how I can achieve that?

I'm pretty new to the whole PyQt stuff, by the way, but I think I love it. :-)


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