[PyKDE] noob: QtabWidget

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Feb 21 19:56:50 GMT 2006

On 21.02.06 20:16:49, Tina Isaksen wrote:
> I'm still having some problems understanding the QT-assistant it seems.

To me it seems you have some problems translating the C++-docs to Python

> I have a tab widget and need to check what tab is the active one, so I have 
> tried (among other things):

What exactly does that mean?

> def doSaveMain(self):
>        if self.isTabEnabled(self.mainTabWidget  * sources):

This would call isTabEnabled on "self" which doesn't seems to be the
QTabWidget. Thats the first problem, now the second is: You try to
multiply the QTabWidget with the value of the variable sources. 

> "mainTabWidget" is of course my Qtab widget and "source" is the name of the 
> tab.

So you want to check wether the widget with the label "source" is
enabled? You could do:

if self.mainTabWidget.label(self.mainTabWidget.currentPageIndex()) == "source":
  do whatever you want.

>        self.mainTabWidget = QTabWidget(self.centralWidget(),"mainTabWidget")
>        self.mainTabWidget.setGeometry(QRect(10,40,570,120))
>        self.sources = QWidget(self.mainTabWidget,"sources")

If self.sources points to the widget it's even easier:

if self.mainTabWidget.currentPage() == self.sources:

The Qt docs are for C++, there "QWidget* w" means: The variable "w" has
the type "pointer to QWidget". So the isTabEnabled function wants a
QWidget instance as parameter and as it belongs to QTabWidget needs to
be called on a QTabWidget instance (your mainTabWidget).

Andreas Pakulat

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