[PyKDE] Status of new PyKDE snapshot

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Feb 21 12:22:34 GMT 2006

On 21.02.06 02:02:01, Danny Pansters wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 February 2006 00:56, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > sorry but I have to ask: What is the status of a new PyKDE snapshot that
> > works with the recent sip changes? I don't want to put any pressure on
> > Jim, just a short note of his time plans for it would be really nice...
> >
> > Andreas
> My guess: "see you in a year". And that's ok, any PyKDE4 can only take a 
> useful shape if there's any kde4 available.

As Izmail already said: I was asking about PyKDE3, as the 0122-snapshot
doesn't build with current sip's, due to some major changes...

As Jim already answered it'll be only a few days more...

BTW: If I have a look at the progress of KDE4 I'd say that it's still
quite more than a year until that is "available" in terms of a
half-stable beta... And then somebody has to take this huge job of
creating PyKDE4...


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