[PyKDE] Segmentation fault

Mikhail Yarmish mike.spacer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 07:44:26 GMT 2006

Hello guys,
    I'm using gentoo linux and there is a little trouble with ebuild for 
pykde so I decided to build it manually. I've builded the latest sip 
snapshot and the latest pykde snapshot. But when I'm trying to make 
importTest I get Segmentation fault at the beginning. I've tried to 
import different pykde modules but always get seg. fault.
    Is there any sugestion about what's wrong?
    I have gcc 3.6.6, python 2.4.2, kde 3.4.1, pyqt 3.13.0, qt 3.3.4 and 
sip 4.3.2.

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