[PyKDE] QTimers on MacOSX?

Tobias Rundström tru at xmms.org
Thu Feb 9 19:32:26 GMT 2006

El 08-02-2006, a las 17:04, Tobias_Rundström escribió:

> To repond myself,
> Acutually it seems like QSocketNotifer doesn't work either.
> Anyone working with the MacOSX port that know what's going on? Or  
> have hints on where I should look? It seems like pythonw starts  
> some kind of thread madness, or something.
> Any pointers would be appriciated.

To reply myself again :-)

from PyQt4 import QtGui

app = QtGui.QApplication([])
print app.thread()

Gives you "None"

Which means that everything will fail in some funky way.

Still no one that has clues about this? Do I need to turn to the sip- 
code for this?

-- Tobias

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