[PyKDE] pyQt questions

Ayelet Mor ayelet.mor at mobileye.com
Wed Aug 16 16:29:25 BST 2006

I am developing in pyQt and I have encountered some problems.
I was wondering if you might help me.

1) How can I put two objects using the same scroll bar?
       I want to have one frame that contains two text views and I would 
like to have one scroll bar for both of them.
       meaning, while scrolling down in one text view, the other one 
will scroll down as well, and the lines in both the text view will match.
       I couldn't make that happen, even though I tryed making one 
scroll view with two children at the viewport. can you help me?

2) Rich text and whiteSpaceMode
      I've been trying to add an image to a text. I used the <img 
src=id> and the QMimeSourceProject but whenever I enter this tag,   
      the whitspaces disapeared (no break lines, no tabs..).
      I reached the text view's stylesheet and set the item named "img" 
to have whiteSpaceModePre but it had no affection on the result.
      I could just use <br> and treat the entire text as rich text but I 
couldn't find a way to add spaces tag (&nbsp doesn't do so)

      to make a long story short- how can I get spaces and an image at 
the same text view?

Ayelet Mor, Developer
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